COVID-19 vaccination appointments

About AstraZeneca

Currently, our practice has regular access to the AstraZeneca vaccine. This vaccination is preferred in patients over 60 years of age. Two doses of the vaccine are required. Drawing on the advice of the TGA and also from the implementation of the program internationally, our Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has determined that to create the very best immune response, ensure the most effective clinical protection and maximise broader community coverage, the vaccine should be administered 12 weeks apart.

About Pfizer 

We have now received the Pfizer vaccination at Heal Medical Practice with regular deliveries scheduled. This vaccination is preferred in patients under 60 years of age (12-59 years). Two doses of Pfizer is required and your second dose may be administered 3 weeks after your first. Protection against COVID-19 starts from about 2–3 weeks after the second dose. To see whether you are eligible in the current phase of the vaccine rollout please visit the vaccine eligibility checker HERE.

Vaccination Appointments

 ** Please note that vaccination appointments can now only be made via the online bookings link below. We update this regularly with our next available appointments. If you call reception you will be directed to HotDoc to make your booking. Thank you for your understanding. **

Both of our clinics are able to offer the AstraZeneca vaccination to all patients over 18 years of age. You are not required to be a current patient in our clinic, however if you will be a new patient with us, we will need a new patient form and a consent form that can be found by following the links below. Please bring both of these documents to your appointment with you.

Heal Medical Practice has now received the Pfizer vaccination. Bookings are available via HotDoc for our next available appointments. You are also not required to be a current patient in our clinic. 

We ask that where possible all patients use the link below to book online in order to reduce the volume of calls that our reception receive each day. If you do have problems with booking online, please call our reception on 4302 1595 and we will be happy to help. The online booking system requires you to fill in a COVID-19 consent form prior to finalising your appointment.