Does your practice bulk bill?

Our doctors bulk bill veterans, patients that hold a current healthcare or pension card, children under 16 years of age, & patients who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. If these do not apply to you, there is a $60 fee that attracts a $38 Medicare rebate. 

Do you offer the COVID-19 vaccination?

Yes, we currently have regular access to the AstraZeneca vaccination and Pfizer vaccination. 

Bookings are accepted online ONLY here

Can bookings be made online?
Yes. However, bookings can only be made online for telehealth appointments and COVID-19 vaccinations. In-clinic appointments must be booked through a receptionist.
Online bookings can be made for Budgewoi Medical and for Heal Medical.
Do you accept new patients?
No, due to the current COVID-19 outbreak our GP’s have closed their appointment books to new patients. However, this will not be permanent and our books will reopen as the current situation is under control.
Can I speak with a doctor via telephone?
Yes, we offer telehealth services to all eligible patients.
Patients that have been seen in our clinic within 12 months are considered eligible for a teleheath appointment as per Medicare requirements.
We ask that you are patient with our GPs as they navigate the introduction of both telehealth and in-clinic appointments within our practices. Sometimes, our doctors may call later than your designated appointment in order to reduce the time patients may spend in the clinic for everybody’s safety in this current health climate.
Where can I access documentation of my vaccinations including COVID-19?
All vaccinations, including COVID-19, are documented within the clinic and forwarded to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) as well as Medicare and all relevant services. Documentation can be accessed via your MyGov account at anytime.
Alternatively, our receptionists can print a copy of your immunisation history ONLY IF your vaccinations were given within one of our practices. If immunisations have been given elsewhere, documentation can only be accessed via your MyGov account or from them directly.